A Reluctant Blogger

I’m the last guy I would ever have imagined blogging, for several reasons.

First, I find it a bit egotistical to think that anyone would care to read my thoughts.  I have at times felt the same way about preaching, but find some consolation in staying as close as I can to the text of Scripture, trying to explain God’s thoughts rather than subvert them with my own.  I have sometimes looked at the writings of John Owen or Karl Barth’s Church Dogmatics and wondered if they ever had an unwritten thought.  But that’s a bit different, given that they were brilliant men whose words were and are helpful to many.  I’m not even as smart as I was twenty years ago.

Second, blogging seems contradictory to one of my personal goals.  I want to live a quieter life.  If we were born with a set quota of words, I fear I would have gone mute years ago.  I have no desire to join the contemporary quest for 15 minutes of fame.  Or even attention.  It is written, “In the multitude of words there is no lack of sin.”  I’m on a quest to user fewer words, not more.

So why blog?

It’s a practical matter.  It seems to be a great way of keeping a personal journal of my pilgrimage and of inviting others into my happy world from time to time.  But I’ll try not to overdo it.  I’ll let my words be few.

gkr1996 posted at 2009-6-11 Category: Initial Post