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“Mzungu!” (2009-6-19)

Two of the local customs, or mannerisms, impressed me today.  One occurred as we were driving back from the Children’s Village site to the hotel.  As we were driving through the market section of Kyenjojo, we had to slow down (probably a goat in the road!).  As we did, I looked out the window and […]

What a Day! (Pt. 2) (2009-6-19)

A day that was already great became absolutely amazing during our debriefing for the day.  One of the teams visited two schools today to minister to children.  Brenda found one little boy, Brian, who simply captured her heart.  She’s ready to bring him home!  That’s not likely, but helping to sponsor him in school here […]

What a Day! (2009-6-19)

It’s 8 p.m., and we just arrived from our work projects.  We will have a debriefing in just a few minutes, then dinner at 8:30 (of course, “it’s Africa, so it could be sometime between 8:30 and 10:00 :-)). We had large cooking oil jugs of heated water sitting outside our doors when we arrived.  […]

The Other Side (2009-6-19)

In my last post, I mentioned that we were enjoying the beauty of Uganda.  Last night, as we made the 5-hour trip from Entebbe to Kyenjojo, I think we saw the other side. Passing through Kampala, we saw makeshift markets, people loitering aimlessly, cows in the streets, naked children … abject poverty.  When we got […]