Two of the local customs, or mannerisms, impressed me today.  One occurred as we were driving back from the Children’s Village site to the hotel.  As we were driving through the market section of Kyenjojo, we had to slow down (probably a goat in the road!).  As we did, I looked out the window and made eye contact with a little girl not far away.  I smiled.  Her eyes got wide and with utter excitement, she shouted for everyone to hear, “Mzungu!”  It means “white people.”  In America, we’re accustomed to people of all imaginable ethnicities and nations.  Here, the sight of a white person is something to shout about,

The other custom I noticed as we enjoyed fellowship with Pastor Victor and other Ugandans tonight.  Whenever one of them is going to speak in any formnal way, whether it is to introduce himself for the first time or lead in the prayer before our meal, they begin with the words, “Mukama assimwe” (“Praise the Lord!”).  That might sound a bit trite in the US, but it’s not here.  It’s done respectfully, and done to distinguish themselves from others who serve false gods.  A beautiful custom for a beautiful people.

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