Ministering Like the Master

Today was compelling for me beyond all words.  The plan, of course, was for me to participate in Day 2 of the Pastor’s Conference.  But God had other plans.  Those who had traveled from long distances to attend the conference heard that medicine was running out at the clinic–so there were hundreds at the clinic and a handful at the conference.  This seemed to confirm something that I felt even yesterday, that I might be more effective praying for the sick at the clinic.  Alissa felt so as well, and so it was decided.

At first, we set up a staging area.  I would pray for the sick just before they were seen by Debby or Greg.  But translation was difficult and this was cumbersome.  So when I had opportunity, I gave a brief sermon to the entire crowd and said that I would simply be moving among them to pray for the sick.  I explained that God who had provided for the healing of their bodies had also provided for the healing of their souls through Jesus.  I told them that if their bodies were healed, it was only for this lifetime, but if their souls were healed and their sins forgiven, their healing would be forever.  I urged them to put their trust in Jesus.  Then I waded into the crowd.

And something amazing happened.  I was thronged.  I was laying hands on the sick, praying for them, anointing them with oil in the name of the Lord, and they were pressing so tightly I could barely move.  I could not help but think of Jesus being pressed by the crowds.  And this went on for hours.  There was no time to eat.  I could not stop, for then I would leave someone neglected.  I remembered the time that Jesus and His disciples were so busy ministering to the crowds that they had not eaten.  It occurred to me that I was ministering like my Master.

I felt His smile.  I wept for unspeakable joy.

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