Processing …

I am sitting in the guest house of Mission Aviation Fellowship in Kampala.  I have not had an opportunity to post updates for two says because of the lack of internet, and even now I have only a few moments before leaving for Entebbe to begin tonight’s homeward journey.  So I cannot begin to provide an adequate update now.  And I think that’s by God’s design.

Last night, I roomed with Jody Miles.  He and I talked, and it surprised me how similar our views are.  We have seen so much over the past 10 days that we simply do not know how we will communicate to friends and family back home.  We can’t communicate it because we can’t fathom it ourselves.

The depth of spiritual darkness, the economic poverty, the human misery that we have seen … what does someone from the comfortable confines of America do with that?  It’s like the language barrier.  We’ve picked up a word or phrase here and there, but we still have no way of understanding the language.  Nor any way to truly process what we’ve experienced here.

Internet is available here, but it’s at a processing speed that is very slow.  As I have posted, I see a pop-up message that says, “Processing …”  That’s where I am now.  Trying to process this experience.  I think it may take long.

gkr1996 posted at 2009-6-26 Category: Uganda 2009