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Refreshing Worship (2009-7-28)

Sunday we traveled back to Clarion.  Along the way, we had a wonderful time of worship.  While this added a couple of hours to our trip, it refreshed us in such a way as to seem the opposite. I want to write a bit about our worship time, but perhaps a little background info is […]

A Man Named Pearl (2009-7-25)

“What I like about the man is he’s a philosopher.” – Augustus McRay, Lonesome Dove. I wrote yesterday of my lunch conversation with Jim Allen.  Today I want to record my memories of my second philosophical encounter of the day. After lunch, I rendezvoused with some of the family and we made the two-hour trek […]

A Friendly Lunch (2009-7-25)

“What I like about the man is he’s a philosopher.” – Augustus McRay, Lonesome Dove Today I visited with two remarkable men.  Each of them is a modern philosopher in his own right, though I suspect it’s unlikely either would warm to that description.  I enjoyed both of these visits immensely and want to use […]

The Greatest Command (2009-7-23)

I heard the phrase “love/hate relationship” recently and it caused me to wonder, “Is hate really the opposite of love?”  I think the opposite of love may not be hatred, but apathy.  The opposite of “I care” is “I don’t care.” If that is the case, it casts a whole different light on one’s spiritual […]

The Theology of Shuffling (2009-7-22)

One tradition at Pop’s House is the family poker game.  Don’t get me wrong, I would never say a word in favor of gambling.  But poker at Pop’s House is not gambling.  If you win, you keep your winnings.  If you lose, Pop won’t let you leave the table without getting your initial $5 stake […]

Drawn to the Cross (2009-7-20)

I had a great day of worship yesterday.  We went to Windsor Spring Baptist Church, very near Pop’s House.  We always enjoy being there.  One of the things I appreciate the most is that this church truly reflects the make-up of the community.  There is a great blend of young and old, black and white […]

Visiting (2009-7-19)

This morning, we will address a recurring question, “Where do we worship?” I know that sounds like it ought to be an easy question, but for a pastor away from home, it really is not.  It’s a question that can raise a knot in my stomach. Some of my angst is legitimate, I think.  At […]

Pop’s House (2009-7-18)

After a long day of driving, we pulled into the driveway of my father’s house in Augusta.  The kids just call it “Pop’s house.” Pop’s house is a place of wonder for the children, for good reason. First, Pop’s house is where love rules. All the grandchildren are here, not just the Grady Bunch. Pop just […]

“Our Father” (2009-7-13)

What is prayer?  It is communication with God.  We tend to think of prayer as speaking to God.  But communication implies two parties alternately speaking and listening.   I leave Friday for a few days of vacation in Augusta, where we will spend time with my son and his family and also with my father.  One […]

Remembering a Leader (2009-7-10)

“Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith.” Heb. 13:7 (NIV)