Drawn to the Cross

I had a great day of worship yesterday.  We went to Windsor Spring Baptist Church, very near Pop’s House.  We always enjoy being there.  One of the things I appreciate the most is that this church truly reflects the make-up of the community.  There is a great blend of young and old, black and white and Asian, and even a few wise Latina women.  But they don’t seem to pay any attention whatsoever to these differences, focusing instead on their commonality in Christ.  They very clearly love one another, and seem to be doing a great job of sharing that love of Christ with the community.

The pastor there is Paul Robertson.  The service began with him baptizing four new disciples, including his son Sam.  I love baptizing.  If I can’t be the baptizer, I still love watching baptisms.  And there’s a special place in my heart for watching a fellow pastor and father baptize his son.  Way to go, Paul.  Way to go, Sam.

Pastor Paul brought a good message from Acts 17.  I chuckled when I saw the text.  I’ve been intrigued to find so many others preaching in the same places God has led me recently.  On the way to Augsuta, I heard a good sermon by David Jeremiah from the prayer Jesus taught His disciples.  Knowing that “the Lord’s prayer” is what I’m working on now, my son, Jeremy, asked if David Jeremiah talked to me about it beforehand.  He seems to think we pastors collaborate on such things.  I told him that I think the Holy Spirit may be doing something special.

But the most worshipful moment of all came after the service.  On the church grounds are three large wooden crosses worked into the landscaping.  My son David asked if he could “go to the cross.”  Debi OK’ed the request, and he began wandering in that direction.  Debi mused, “David has always been drawn to the cross, even physically”  And it’s true.  Even before he could think conceptually about anything else, David would ask all the time, “Why did Jesus die on the cross?”  Back then, we would explain to him.  Now he does the explaining.  His wording is simple and straightforward, a child-like matter-of-factness.3cross

“Jesus died on the cross instead of us.”

Why did he do that, David?

“To save us from our sins.”

Yes, but why would Jesus die to save us from our sins?

“He loves us so much.”

Yes, David.  Yes, He does.

Father, may I be forever drawn to the cross with my son’s simplicity and sincerity.

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