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My Personal Sense of Preaching (2009-7-6)

Today, I saw a notation from a pastor friend.  Attendance was down at the church he pastors, probably due to 4th of July travels.  He noted that it was discouraging.  I sent him an encouraging word, but I felt a bit awkward (maybe even hypocritical) doing so, because I myself am easily discouraged by such occurrences.  In […]

Dual Citizenship (2009-7-4)

“I am a Christian first, an American second.”

Photographs & Memories (2009-7-2)

I spent the bulk of the morning going through the photos that I took in Uganda, editing them for publication, and praying for the people who remain there.  Some I know by name, some I prayed for though I don’t even know their names.  It was good to go through these.  It helped me thank God […]

Newfound Intolerance (2009-7-1)

People have asked me, “How was the trip to Uganda?”  I’ve struggled to answer because the question is too broad.  So I’ve started to just say–“Life-changing.  Mind-blowing.”  If that provokes further inquiry, I explain.  If it’s more answer than was desired, I just leave it there. I have noticed that my internal responses to various stimuli have changed.  I hope […]