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The Church’s First Decision – They Blew It! (2009-8-31)

I am studying for a series of sermons in the Book of Acts.  I’m calling the series “ACTS: Authentic Christianity, Today’s Society.”  The main idea is to see the Church as she existed immediately after Christ’s ascension, but rather than seeing this as purely historical, to see it as a model for the way the […]

And No Religion, Too? (2009-8-24)

When I was a child, John Lennon’s song “Imagine” was very popular.  He is asking people to imagine Utopia, a world in which all is well with everyone, a planet engulfed in world peace. It’s the kind of world that Christian’s anticipate in the restored earth—only without Christians.             Imagine there’s no Heaven.             It’s easy […]

Bill Cahir (2009-8-14)

I received truly heart-breaking news this morning.  Bill Cahir, a Democratic opponent in the 5th Congressional District race last year, was killed while serving in Afghanistan Thursday. Details may be found in the news link at the bottom of this post.  I just want to say a personal word.  In my opinion, Bill Cahir (pronounced “care”) […]

Funeral Feelings (2009-8-5)

I just finished officiating at the funeral of a good friend, Don Over.  Don was a wonderful man.  He always showed kindness to me and to my family.  Every summer, he brought me a huge cabbage from his garden, and every Christmastime he and Joan would showed up at my office with a beautiful wreath […]