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What Is Baptism? (2009-10-27)

A friend recently sent me an e-mail asking me about baptism.  He had several excellent questions, and I’d like to use my next few posts sharing my answers.  His first question was “What is baptism?” It’s never easy to sum up the Bible’s extensive teaching on a subject in a single sentence, but here’s my […]

The Importance of One (2009-10-26)

The book of Acts is primarily about the ministries of two men: Peter and Paul.  However, from time to time, Luke tells us about other people or other events which were of such importance that they ought to be included in the history of the early Church. One such instance of this is Stephen.  We […]

Church Profile – Pt. 4 (2009-10-10)

In examining Acts 4:23-37, we have seen the early Church as one of Passionate Prayer, Charitable Community and Powerful Proclamation.  Today I want to focus on the last element of the church profile found in that passage, GREAT GRACE. “… and great grace was upon them all.” Acts 4:33. We have talked about grace before.  It […]

Church Profile – Pt. 3 (2009-10-9)

We’ve been looking at the description of the early Church in Acts 4:23-37, and seeing how we measure up.  We’ve seen the 1st Century Church as one of Passionate Prayer, and of Charitable Community.  Today I want to consider the early Church as a place of POWERFUL PROCLAMATION. “And with great power the apostles were giving […]

Church Profile – Pt. 2 (2009-10-8)

I wrote yesterday of  my desire to compare well against the early Church (not other churches today), using the “church profile” found in Acts 4:23-37.  Yesterday we noted that the early Church was marked by passionate prayer.  Today I want to consider the second characteristic profiled in Acts 4,  CHARITABLE COMMUNITY (vv. 32, 34-37) “Now the full number […]

Church Profile – Pt. 1 (2009-10-7)

Every year FBC receives forms to create a “Church Profile” It’s a common practice because of the desire to use some objective standards to measure how a church is doing, or to compare churches to one another.  Different groups measure different things to make these determinations.  How many people were baptized?  How many decisions were made?  […]

Our National Ponzi Scheme (2009-10-2)

Recently, our local newspaper ran a lead article entitled: “Early retirements hurt Social Secutiry.”  The story explained that the so-called Social Security Trust Fund will run a deficit for this year and next, due to a loss of jobs in the present economy.  I responded with the following editorial, which they printed yesterday: When Bernie […]