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A Humbling Day of Thanks (2009-11-22)

What an amazing and humbling day. It began with a wonderful FBC-101 class, with five people considering membership at First Baptist.  The subject of this particular class was FBC’s past and future, where we’ve been and where we believe God is leading us.  It is always stirring and heart-warming to look back and see what […]

Mark Altrogge (2009-11-18)

I had the privilege yesterday of sitting down to lunch with Mark Altrogge.  He is pastor of Sovereign Grace Church in Indiana, PA, and the author of hundreds of contemporary Christian songs including I Stand in Awe, I’m Forever Grateful, and One Pure and Holy Passion.  I list those because they are my three personal […]

How Should We Baptize? (2009-11-13)

My friends next question involves the mechanics of baptism.  Specifically, he wants to know if baptism should be by sprinkling or by immersion.  My response: Though I want to make clear that there has been too much discord and division over this secondary issue, and we should look upon Christians who disagree with charity, I […]

Why Be Baptized? (2009-11-12)

Sorry about the delay – my computer has been in the shop.  Let me move on now to my friend’s second question – “Why should a person be baptized?” Part of my answer to this lies in my first response.  Baptism symbolizes certain things (that our sins have been washed away, that we completely identify with […]