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Angels and the Birth of Christ (2009-12-24)

Did you ever notice how much angelic activity surrounds the advent of Christ? Gabriel, an angel, tells Zechariah that Elizabeth will have a son who will go before the Messiah (Luke 1:11-20); Gabriel also appears to Mary to tell her she will bear Jesus (Luke 1:26-38); An angel appears to Joseph to explain Jesus’ conception […]

The “Christmas Star” (2009-12-19)

Last night, “The Nativity Story” was on TV.  I watched it with my family.  In the main, I enjoyed it, but I always feel compelled to correct those things about Hollywood productions that don’t comport with Scripture.  For example, in this movie, the Magi arrive on the night of Jesus’ birth.  That does not fit […]

One Person – Two Natures (2009-12-9)

We’ve been considering Matthew 1:18-25.  As much as this passage tells us about Mary and Joseph, the central figure is still Jesus.  Now I would like to focus on what Matthew is conveying about Jesus.  In communication the story as he does, Matthew is subtly by decidedly telling us that Jesus was unique in that […]

Refelctions on Joseph (2009-12-8)

Last time, I considered what Matthew 1:18-25 said concerning Mary.  Today, I’d like to focus on Joseph.           A.    JOSEPH WAS JUST (v. 19) Matthew’s first comment is that Joseph was a “just” or “righteous” man.  Now, all of us know what justice is—it’s getting what we deserve.  God is just.  His laws are just.  He insists […]

Reflections on Mary (2009-12-7)

In the first chapter of the Gospel which bears his name, Matthew tells the story of Jesus’ birth very succinctly, in only eight verses (18-25).  But in those eight verses, he tells us volumes about three people: Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. I would like to reflect just a bit on what Matthew tells us about […]