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Infant Baptism in Acts? (2010-2-23)

Sunday I preached from Acts 16, the account of the Philippian jailer’s dramatic conversion.  As an aside, I noted that many of our paedobaptist friends (those who baptize infants) use this text to support infant baptism, though it in fact supports a credobaptist position (the baptism of those who profess faith in Christ).  At Table […]

Charles Hodge on the Abrahamic Covenant (2010-2-18)

“It is to be remembered that there were two covenants made with Abraham. By the one, his natural descendants through Isaac were constituted a commonwealth, an external, visible community. By the other, his spiritual descendants were constituted a church. The parties to the former covenant were God and the nation; to the other, God and […]

Calvin on the 6th Commandment (2010-2-15)

The purpose of this commandment is, that since the Lord has bound the whole human race by a kind of unity, the safety of all ought to be considered as entrusted to each. In general, therefore, all violence and injustice, and every kind of harm from which our neighbor’s body suffers, is prohibited. Accordingly, we […]