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Planet “My Life” (2010-5-25)

I just read intriguing news: It seems the Hubble space telescope has found a planet (WASP-12b) 300 times the size of Earth, which is so close to its parent star that it only takes 24 hours to orbit.  Imagine – one earth day is a WASP-12b year!   This planet “has the highest known surface temperature of any planet in […]

God’s View of Himself (2010-5-20)

I am fascinated by the subject of self identification – how we perceive ourselves and how we present ourselves to others. My interest in this subject has several sources.  First, I have a few children, so I’m acutely aware of the “self esteem” push that begins the moment they enter our public school system.  In the main, I think this […]

Just Believe (2010-5-19)

I ran across a great quote yesterday.  I wonder if you can guess who wrote it? “If it is the will of God that those whom He has elected shall be saved, and if in this manner [i.e., believing on Christ] He ratifies and executes His eternal decree, whoever he be that is not satisfied […]