Planet “My Life”

I just read intriguing news:

It seems the Hubble space telescope has found a planet (WASP-12b) 300 times the size of Earth, which is so close to its parent star that it only takes 24 hours to orbit.  Imagine – one earth day is a WASP-12b year!   This planet “has the highest known surface temperature of any planet in the Milky Way — around 1,500 degrees Celsius (2,800 degrees Fahrenheit).”  And being so close to its star has had an unusual effect.  The star’s gravitational pull is so strong that the planet is no longer round, it bulges.  Scientists expect that over the next ten million years (give or take a decade, I’m sure 🙂 ), the star will simply pull WASP-12b in and consume it.

Now, as fascinating as all of that is to me me on some astrophysical level, what really captures me here is the spiritual application.

I think of moons in relationship to planets.  But I think of planets individually, not in relationship to their suns.  That’s absurd, of course, because planets are only planets because of their suns, but nonetheless, it’s how I think.  I consider what’s going on here on planet Earth, not the cosmic relationship between earth and sun.

It occurs to me that we are planets.  We are individuals.  We are flying through time and space.  We have our own things going on, and those things taking place on Planet “My Life” draw all the attention.  From time to time, we consider the moons, those things which orbit around Planet “My Life.”  And occasionally, when we’re feeling especially spiritual, we may even reflect on a few of the other planets, at least those with some relationship to Planet “My Life.”

But do we stop and take in the bigger picture?  Do we consider that apart from our “Parent Star,” Planet “My Life” can’t exist?  Does it ever really sink in that apart from our Sun, we’re simply space debris? 

As a follower of Christ, I want to be so close to Him that His energy powers me through time and space.  I want to travel at breakneck speed as I orbit Him.  I want His gravity to be so strong, His pull to be so powerful, that it changes my very shape.  I want to be so close that I’m already starting to catch His fire.  And in the end, I want Him to just draw me in, consume me, absorb my very existence into His, and make me indistinguishable from Him.  I want Planet “My Life” to simply disappear into the Sun of Righteousness.

gkr1996 posted at 2010-5-25 Category: Theological