A Most Wonderful Mistake

Last night after a church meeting, I was standing around talking with some of the good people here at FBC Barnwell.  The conversation turned to Don Sanders’ yard decorations.  Apparently, it is something to see.  He said, “We make no apologies for being tacky.”  I began to get more of a mental image when he said that this year he had his eyes on a 26-foot inflatable Santa Claus listed on E-Bay.

We all chuckled.  That’s when the most wonderful mistake happened.  Kaye Pattillo looked at me and asked, “Did you see it last year?” 

Now, why do I call that a most wonderful mistake?  Because Kaye was the Chair of the Pastor Search Committee responsible for bringing me here.  She, of all people, should know that we’ve only been in Barnwell since August.  And she caught herself quickly, but you must know how delighted I am by that moment.  I absolutely love that we are so at home here that it seems we’ve always been here.  And it fills my heart with joy that it seems that way to others, too.

Father, I thank you for all the adventures and all the journeys and all the good people who have found a home in my heart along the way.  I thank you, too, for bringing me home, and for friendships that are new and yet feel ancient.  Is that what heaven is like?

gkr1996 posted at 2010-11-22 Category: Personal