Transformational Church (Ch. 2)

Chapter 2 – Change the Scorecard

Instead of measuring traditional statistics (attendance, baptisms, budgets, etc.) only, the authors are calling for additional gauges.

The New Scorecard – “We are calling for a new scorecard.  This scorecard would count what’s important–people coming to Christ and living in Christian community–but also counts the other important issues as well.”

The Transformation Loop: The New Scorecard

The authors research has led them to conclude that TC’s share seven elements which fall into three categories:

1.     Discern – TC’s “are churches actively seeking to understand their community.”

  • Missionary Mentality – The TC “will minister in contextually appropriate ways to reach local people with the gospel.”

2.     Embrace – TC’s “embrace the right values.”

  • Vibrant Leadership – “Led more by their examples and values rather than by dictates.”
  • Relational Intentionality – “Both accountability and encouragement occur as a church creates an environment where long-term relationships are held in high regard.”
  • Prayerful Dependence – “Revealed a dependence on prayer rather than a program for prayer.”

3.     Engage – TC’s “engaged the right actions that led to transformation.”

  • Worship – “When people arrived for worship, they knew something great was going to happen.  They trusted God to deliver transformation rather than musicians to deliver a good show.”
  • Community – “They create systems to put people in community with one another. The people of [TC’s] actively connect people to one another through ministry systems such as home Bible studies, small groups, Sunday School and service groups.”
  • Mission – TC’s “led their people to understand disciple making as the normal state of the Christian’s life.”

Principles of the Loop

  • Connecting to the Loop – No particular starting point.  Connect anywhere in the loop.
  • Cathartic Experience – “A moment of decision or change that is beneficial and liberating.”
  • Convergence of Elements – “To enter the Transformational Loop successfully, one must be prepared to allow the elements to flow together.”

Conclusion – “A [TC] is a congregation that joins God’s mission of sharing the gospel and making disciples.  These disciples become more like Jesus, and the church thus acts as the body of Christ transforming their communities and the world for the kingdom of God.”

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