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Mission Accomplished! (2011-6-29)

Today was our final day in the field.  Tomorrow morning the vans pull out for an excursion to Kampala before our 30 hour trek begins on Friday. I hope that when those vans pull out, I am on one.  That would be unlike this morning.  We were getting ready to leave for the medical clinic, […]

Tough Day, Tougher End (2011-6-28)

At devotions this morning, Pastor Scott said he thought this might be the toughest day.  The initial adrenaline is depleted.  Monday came after a Sabbath refreshing.  Wednesday will be our last day in the field, and so it’s easy to see the finish line.  Tuesday, he said, would be the day when we might really […]

I Pray (2011-6-27)

June 27 Today’s blog will be difficult, and probably brief.  That’s not due to a lack of material about which to write, but because there is so much to say I hardy know where to begin, and because I’ve found today impossible to process.  It may take some time to sort out all that happened […]

This Is Uganda (2011-6-26)

June 25 Today at the medical clinic, Belinda asked if I had a moment to talk to Kirsten.  She pointed to where I could find her, beside the clinic shielded from the crowd by the generator.  She was crying so hard she shook.  Her hands trembled as she tried to wipe away the tears.  For […]

Catching Up (2011-6-25)

June 23 In his heart, a man makes his plans, but it is the LORD who directs his path. I know these words are universally true, but somehow they seem truer in Africa, where people are not encumbered in the slightest by the American ideals of efficiency and punctuality. Take today, for instance.  Here was […]

Familiar Faces and Places (2011-6-23)

We landed in Entebbe.  I can’t describe the sense of excitement and anticipation.  I’m wondering how those feel who are setting foot on African soil for the very first time. We were wondering if we would have to pay a duty on the mosquito nets we brought.  Instead, an airport official approached me, asked what […]

Wheels Down! (2011-6-23)

8:10 p.m., Addis Ababa It feels magnificent to be in Africa again.  I’ve spent the last 13 hours sitting next to Mary and her daughter Leah.  They live in Las Vegas.  Mary is returning to see her parents in Ethiopia for the first time in 6 years.  It will be the first time that Leah […]

Thoughts Mid-Flight (2011-6-22)

06/21, 5:17 p.m. So there we were, meandering through Concourse B at Dulles, hoping we could get boarding passes at the gate without having to endure yet another security check, when I heard it: “Pastor Ke-e-e-e-ith!”  It was the friendly and familiar voice of Greg Chambers, who was advancing toward us with the PA entourage. […]

Wheels Up! (2011-6-22)

06/21. 6:45 a.m. God’s kindness is already evident in our African adventure. We arrived at CAE to discover that the tickets which had been issued to us were for our return flight, not our departure. The mix-up threatened to put us late for our 6 a.m. flight. The airline staff was friendly and understanding, however, […]