Thoughts Mid-Flight

06/21, 5:17 p.m.

So there we were, meandering through Concourse B at Dulles, hoping we could get boarding passes at the gate without having to endure yet another security check, when I heard it: “Pastor Ke-e-e-e-ith!”  It was the friendly and familiar voice of Greg Chambers, who was advancing toward us with the PA entourage.

My heart rejoiced to see them.  I took one look at Greg and said, “It’s so good to see you!” He took one look at me and said, “You look ridiculous!”  He was referring to my “High Visibility Yellow” T-shirt.  It seems that whereas I was concerned that we could spot each other if we got separated, some of the ladies were concerned about their fashion reputations.  Oh well, I bet the Ugandans like my shirt!

Anyway, we’re almost 6 hours into our flight.  It’s dark outside, but the flight tracker says we’re still over the Atlantic approaching Spain.  I suspect we’ll head due south soon over the Sahara.  I can hardly wait to have my feet once again, to have my heart once again, in Africa.

6 p.m. ET

I forgot to bring a highlighter.  I asked Greg Chambers if he happened to have one.  “No,”he said, “Why don’t you just try rubbing your shirt on it!?” I’m feelin’ the love. 🙂

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