Wheels Up!

06/21. 6:45 a.m.

God’s kindness is already evident in our African adventure.

We arrived at CAE to discover that the tickets which had been issued to us were for our return flight, not our departure. The mix-up threatened to put us late for our 6 a.m. flight. The airline staff was friendly and understanding, however, and we made it to the gate just in the nick of time.  There’s nothing quite like hearing your name over the airport loudspeaker – “Passengers \richardson, Allen, Sanders, and Still are advised to report to Gate 15 for immediate departure!”- while you are still trying to explain the peanut butter in your suitcase to TSA.

The good news is that this hold-up may have been God’s providential way of insuring that we did not have to pay for the five tubs of mosquito netting we hauled in our “checked”baggage.  We were cutting it so close that the agents just wanted to get us through, despite being told the previous day that we could expect to pay $350 for baggage fees.  We prayed (as we were departing Barnwell and again at the airport) that God would save us this expense … and He did!  That’s money that will now go to Ugandan children instead of to an airline.

Belinda, Kirsten, Laura and Valerie (I’ve started referring to them collectively as BaKLaVa :-)) are all so excited.  Laura’s husband Michael joked that they were going to be “giddy.”  I think he was right.  But it’s the right kind of excitement, the joy of participation in that work of redemption God is doing in the world.

As I write this, we are descending into Washington, DC,  I can hardly wait to see my friends from PA and to meet new ones with whom I’ll share this experience.

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