A Blessed Sabbath

Today we experienced the quiet power of God. As we worshipped Him, as we rested in Him, His Spirit was among us, the Spirit of wisdom and power.
It began this morning as we joined with the people of Bellewood Baptist Church. Our Praise Teams merged and we all made a joyful noise to the Lord. It was an especially moving service for me. At one point, as everyone else was singing, I was praying with both tears and laughter, “Father, here I am, physically and emotionally spent, and You choose now to speak to me!”
We then enjoyed dinner on the grounds. As we were milling around afterwards, Coley came up to me and introduced me to Joanne, saying that she would take me to their house after a brief building dedication to catch a nap in their guest room. I felt a bit awkward, since others who are just as drained as myself didn’t have that privilege. Coley explained that it was not negotiable. I didn’t have whatever I needed to protest, so I went and luxuriated in a most welcomed two hours of sleep.
When I returned to Northside shortly before supper, I was pleasantly surprised to see the Bill and Marjorie Morris had arrived. Rejuvenated, I enjoyed their company immensely.
After dinner, the day concluded as it began, with a powerful worship experience. We had a concert of prayer in which the Praise Team would sing, then we would take a moment to pray specifically for God to be honored in our labors, for people in the community, for safety, etc. Chad Perry told about an experience this afternoon of meeting a clerk at a store who recognized the southern accent and asked why he was in Syracuse. When he told her how and why the Lord had brought us, she poured out her heart about all of the losses in her life. She had one son left, she said, and he was struglling with drug addiction. Chad promised to pray for Matthew, and she said to others who were now paying attention, “See, I told you they would pray for my boy!” Chad recognized that she had been waiting for someone and God had caused their paths to cross.
The time of worship ended with a hand-washing service in which the leadership served others by washing their hands in the fashion that Jesus washed His disciples feet. I appreciated the symbolism.
And I appreciated the Lord who set aside a day for worship and for rest.

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