The Body at Work

Today was another amazing day, one that reminded me of the beauty of the body of Christ. I saw so many people doing so much for others.
It began at 4:30 a.m. I had a restful night, but woke up at that early hour. I got up and walked out of the main room where all the men were sleeping into a the welcome center. There sat Eric Navarro, showered, dressed, and ready to go. He’s helping the cooking crew. Behind the scenes, without any fanfare, he and the other members of that team are getting up early to be sure we have breakfast by 7. What a great service.
We accomplished extraordinary things at the construction site today. All the exterior walls are up, and many of the interior walls are up as well. And as I observed all this work, I noticed the same principle at work. It was a hot day and the sun frequently depleted our energy. I would see people take a break here and there, and every time I saw it, I also saw others step right in and fill their place. I saw people walking around serving water and gatorade. Ladies came by and handed out cold towels to refresh us and shield us from the sun. What great services.
This evening at worship, we had ministry from people who had been served on previous construction missions, including the pastor of FBC in Tangipahoa, LA when we served them. That was ten years ago. And ladies here at Bellewood BC have said, “We’re coming next year!”
I do so love the body of Christ. And the Christ who makes us one.

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