Wonders to Behold

Yesterday we broke work early to go off on various adventures. I went with ten others to Niagara Falls. It is so stunningly beautiful that even though I’ve seen it several times, I wanted to see it again. Previously I have seen the falls from Canada but I did not bring my passport and so had to stay on the American side. Normally the view is not as good, because you only have a side view of the American Falls and the Bridal Veil Falls. On this occasion, however, a generous donor paid for all of us to go out on the Maid of the Mist, a boat that takes you right up to the falls. The view was spectacular, and I sensed as never before the enormity of the falls. Once we returned to land, I walked to the edge of the Bridal Falls where I saw an amazing sight. Here is all of this water rushing over rocks at a phenomenal speed and creating a thunderous roar … but at the very edge of the falls it is as smmoth and transparent as glass and as quiet as a whisper. I could even see that on the edges of the rocks were pieces of moss that I would have thought would be washed away by the onlsaught of water, but instead simply waved like kites in the wind. So much power withstood by such a delicate plant.
The reason we took the break yesterday is that we began putting up the roofing system today and once the crane operator gets going it is best to keep rolling (both the crane and the operator are hired by the day). We worked late and I feel got an extraordinary amount done. We also had crews pulling wire and building some of the remaining interior walls. All told, it is truly impressive how much has been accomplished.
Our late quitting time pushed back supper and worship, which ended just before bedtime. We’re all ready for a good does of ibuprofen and a good night of rest.

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