A Sabbath

Today was a planned break. We took an excursion to Queen Elizabeth National Park, where we took a touring safari. It really was amazing to see elephants, water buffalo, warthogs, waterbucks, wildebeest, hippos, rhinos and lions in their native environment.

Our guide, Peter Ben, told us we were extremely blessed to see two male lions. Normally, only the females are spotted. The females travel in a pride and hunt. When they have made a kill, the male comes along and eats his fill (hence the phrase “the lion’s share), and then leaves the remainder for the rest to share. We watched two different males for a considerable time. Both were resting, which Peter said is their normal activity. I think my favorite scene was watching one lion yawn and stretch as though he were late for a serious nap.

I also enjoyed seeing the national bird, the great crowned crane (or crested crane). Previously, I had poked fun at the image on the Ugandan flag, referring to “the big chicken.” In real life, however, they are extraordinarily beautiful and impressive, even majestic.

The trek to and from the park was long (some 3½ hours). We arrived back at the hotel around eleven. Having eaten a large and late lunch, no one was really hungry. We simply went to bed. If others were like me, they hardly remember their heads hitting the pillow.

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