A Day for Worship

Today we worshipped at God’s Care Church. It is hard to know where to begin in describing the experience. The style of worship is very African, very informal. There is a lot of singing and dancing and brief exhortations before the sermon, which was reduced (for our sakes, I think) to slightly over an hour. We joined the service at 10:30 (I think it had been going since 8:30) and we left at 1:30.

They have a separate church for children. I would estimate that there were 100 in attendance. We were asked to pray for the children while there. I think every child came forward for prayer. I had a different experience than anything before in my life. Since the children do not speak English, I could not ask why they had come forward, how they wished me to pray for them, etc. I simply had to rely on God’s Spirit to help me pray for each child. And I believe I experienced very definitive promptings as I prayed. I found myself praying for matters that would normally never occur to me. As we sat at supper, Kaye Pattillo began to describe the exact same experience.

We also had time this afternoon to spend with those children we sponsor. I got to meet with the child our family sponsors, Kabajungu Immaculate, as well as her little sister, Kajumba Topista, sponsored by a dear lady in our church. We brought them special gifts, including lots of clothes donated by my daughters. It was very meaningful to me to see these beautiful girls wearing clothes that I associate with my own children. It brought home the reality that, in some mystical and unusual way, these are my children, too.

I have to say, though, that all of the activities of the day—spending time in worship and being with the children—made me a more than little homesick. I missed my own church. And much more, I missed my family. I am grateful that they would share me with others for a few days, and I appreciate that it is as much a sacrifice for them as for me. Father, watch over them in my absence.

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