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A Pastoral Heaviness (2014-3-24)

You know how passionate I am about discipleship, and how concerned I am that we have had multiple generations now that have been on a steady diet of milk without ever really moving to meat.  Sometimes that becomes apparent to me in the oddest of ways.  Like today. Yesterday we celebrated Christian communion.  I spoke […]

My Week in Brief (2014-3-22)

Mar. 16 – OK, so I have to confess to a little jealousy. As Katie McCormick shared her powerful stories today, I looked out to see how you were receiving it. I saw smiles. I saw tears. I saw you caught up in every word. I want it to be what I see every Sunday. […]

Rising Stars (2014-3-20)

I spoke to School Superintendent Jay Grissom and to BPS Principal Donna Selvey about starting a new award for the most improved student each quarter and also for the school year. I want to call it the “Rising Star” award. We’ll present the student with a certificate and also a gift card to eat out. […]

A Day with Presidents and Princes (2014-3-19)

Yesterday Student Pastor Mike D’Attoma and I had lunch in Columbia at an annual Bar-B-Que Fellowship on the State House Grounds.  The lunch is hosted by The Office of Public Policy and the Christian Life and Public Affairs Committee.  Its always a good occasion to meet legislators and discuss any particular bills moving through the […]

Kris Kuriger Ordination Council (2014-3-17)

Our Barnwell Bamberg Baptist Association holds a “Pastors and Ministers Conference” monthly.  We usually have a speaker.  Today we had an ordination council for Kris Kuriger, the student pastor at Hagood Avenue Baptist Church.  I was truly blessed to take part. Kris and Mike D’Attoma have a close relationship, as do Ken Catoe and I, […]

Evangelism; Rhett Walker Band (2014-3-16)

I brought the final sermon in the “Gifted” series today, on the spiritual gift of evangelism.  I spoke briefly, really only defining the gift.  Then, rather than talking more about it, I brought up Katie McCormick and interviewed her.  Katie is a Gideon Auxiliary member and over recent months has had many strange and wonderful […]

Hasty Exit (2014-3-15)

After visiting with Bill and Sheila Dixon last night, I went to bed late.  But I woke up early.  Just an hour or two after retiring, I awoke to the awareness that I was … um … unwell.  I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say that was the last of my sleep for […]

A Brief Atlanta Visit (2014-3-14)

Today I returned to Atlanta for a brief visit.  I had planned to do so several weeks ago to make a hospital visit, spend a few days with friends, and get a little R&R.  The previously planned trip fell apart, so I had to settle for the overnight version. The hospital visit was at Shepherd […]

My Week in Brief (2014-3-14)

Mar. 7 – Johnny Martin is doing much better.  I know he still has a way to go, but it sure was good to find him sitting up, and to hear that he had eaten a little solid food.  Of course, he started with grits!  Please continue to pray for Johnny and Phyllis. Mar. 8 […]

The Great Commission (2014-3-13)

“Then the eleven disciples went to Galilee, to the mountain where Jesus had told them to go. When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted. Then Jesus came to them and said, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing […]