Call Me George

Today is Annie’s birthday and my heart is full of the very best of memories.

I remember the pregnancy.  I remember her birth.  I remember naming her “Anne Emanuel” for a law professor who was both brilliant and kind, and whose name was a reminder that our gracious God is with us. I remember how much Ben adored her.  I remember her as a baby, as a toddler, as a child, and as a teen.  All those memories are good.  If I force myself, I can think of a rough time or two, a time when she misbehaved or disappointed, but those are so few that it really takes effort, and it’s an effort I don’t care to make.

Annie has now graduated college, and is doing well in her first job as a teacher of autistic children.  In fact, when I called to tell her “Happy Birthday,” she told me that she was to go in to see her supervisor to discuss her new pay rate for her new full-time position.  That’s a great birthday gift.

She’s engaged to marry Caleb this June.  Caleb brings a daughter to the marriage, Lilleigh.  Annie loves her dearly and you can already see those nurturing instincts and maternal skills that set her apart from most young ladies her age.  She’s going to be a fantastic wife and mother.

Photo: so i remember the first time i met you.... and "forgot" to warn you about my bike breaks :) and even tho we have had our ups and downs... i wouldn't trade you in for anything... i love you and miss you! <3 Happy Birthday Annie <3

In the movie Father of the Bride, George Banks has a daughter named Annie who is getting married.  It’s hard for him to accept because he keeps having visions of her when she was eight years old.  It’s just hard to believe, or accept, that his little girl is all grown up.  He can’t bring himself to acknowledge the worthiness of her fiance.  But in the end, he comes around.  He realizes that he’s raised a young woman who is brilliant and beautiful, wonderful and wise, and he now has to trust her decisions.

Call me George.

Happy birthday, Sweetheart.  I love you more than my own life.  I always will.  Don’t you ever forget it.

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