My Week in Brief

Mar. 7 – Johnny Martin is doing much better.  I know he still has a way to go, but it sure was good to find him sitting up, and to hear that he had eaten a little solid food.  Of course, he started with grits!  Please continue to pray for Johnny and Phyllis.
Mar. 8 – Debi and I howled at the Circle Theatre, watching “Second Samuel” with Charles & Sharon Vickery.  We saw several FBC folk, and got to enjoy the acting skills of Jonathan Vickery and Jeff Miller (though Jeff played a drunk so well I had to make sure he was acting!) 🙂
Mar. 9 – Brittany Taylor touched many hearts this morning, including mine, with her beautiful angelic singing. I was so moved that I asked our Praise Team to stay one Sunday soon for the 11 a.m. service so that everyone can share this blessing.
Mar. 10 – I’m getting so much out of the Purpose Driven Life group.  I especially enjoy watching Nick Toole grow in his ability to lead the discussions in a way that includes others.  And I have a renewed sense of appreciation for the material, too.
Mar. 11 – What a delightful time with Young at Heart in Edisto today.  We did things that were right up my alley because they had a historical bent.  And a day out of the office didn’t hurt me, either.
Mar. 12 – Today is our daughter Annie’s 24th birthday.  I sure wish she were here so I could give her a birthday hug.  I suppose an early a.m. text will just have to do for now.  But she will come down for Ben’s wedding in May, so I’ll just save that hug!
Mar. 12 – I met with my small group of other pastors this morning.  We encourage one another and hold one another’s feet to the fire in ministry.  I’m honored to be a colleague of these good men.
Mar. 12 – Community Lenten Services have been wonderful.  I love the spirit of God’s people, especially here in Barnwell.  I hope you know the joy of worshipping with the Church, not just the church.  And many thanks to our Hospitality Team, who did such an excellent job preparing and serving our delicious lunch.  Y’all are the best!
Mar. 13 – I met this morning with my two young mentees.  I think they’re coming out of their shells a little bit, and I’m happy for that development.  As you look at your spiritual gifting, perhaps God is calling you to consider Project H.O.P.E., too.  If so, just see Trina Burt.
Mar. 13 – Debi and I enjoyed lunch today with Jeanna Kinard.  I’m very proud of her.  It was good to be joined by Carlton and Debra Lemmond, who spoke of their conviction of the importance of reading Scripture to our children.  I agree!
Mar. 13 – I met today with Lisa Solomons.  We’ve scheduled Scout Sunday for May 18, at which time Scouts who have completed the PRAY curriculum will receive their merit badges.
Mar. 13 – I enjoyed my visit with Marion and JoAnn Croft today.  Marion has just received some difficult health news and they are formulating their plan of attack.  I pray that God will give them wisdom in the planning and strength for the battle.
Mar. 14 – I was unable to make my trip to ATL a few weeks back to visit with the wounded PA State Trooper.  I plan to go today for a truncated visit with him and also a few friends, then return tomorrow.
Mar. 14 – Bring-A-Kid to the Bojangles Southern 500 in Darlington.  Questions?  Contact Welsh Neck Baptist Association at 843-332-7771 or
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