Evangelism; Rhett Walker Band

I brought the final sermon in the “Gifted” series today, on the spiritual gift of evangelism.  I spoke briefly, really only defining the gift.  Then, rather than talking more about it, I brought up Katie McCormick and interviewed her.  Katie is a Gideon Auxiliary member and over recent months has had many strange and wonderful encounters when she was able to share her faith with others.  She told the congregation 3 of the stories she has told me.  I looked out to the congregation as she was speaking and I have to admit I wished that I saw that enraptured look every Sunday while I was preaching.  But I sure was happy to see it this Sunday.

Then, in the evening we hosted The Rhett Walker Band at The Merge.  Southern Rock Gospel isn’t exactly my personal cup of tea, but even I appreciated their talents and their spirit.  I had an opportunity to eat dinner with the band along with Beth and Marie.  It was fun to see my girls be a little star-struck.  And it was a joy to hear the guys tell their stories, speak of their families, and give a little of themselves in a personal way.  After just a few minutes, it felt like old friends hanging out and catching up.  They looked a little different from the picture on their latest album.  Mostly, they were all wearing heavy beards.  I teased that they were “Duck Dynasty meets Third Day.”  After the concert, they hung around, signed autographs, and took photos with genuine enthusiasm when I know they had to be tired.  I was impressed.

I had a blast sitting down with Rhett.  He’s a local boy.  His father was a “roadie” tonight, but usually he pastors a small church in Beech Island.  I like to spend time with artists who come in because I want to get behind the facade, cut through all the fog of celebrity, and hear the human story.  And I appreciate when they let me see their heart.  Rhett was a misguided youth.  But, as his song says: “And in one moment everything changed.  Who I was got washed away when mercy found me.”  I’m glad God’s mercy found Rhett.  I hope it’s found you, too.

At the end of the night, I heard from Brandon Fox.  He and Rebekah may come down in April during Spring Break.  I hope so.  I’d love to see them, and I’m anxious to meet Selah.  We’ll be doing our Spring Break ministry at Edisto Beach that week, and I asked Brandon to consider providing music for us.  That would be a real treat.  Nothing in concrete yet, but I surely hope this develops.

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