Kris Kuriger Ordination Council

Our Barnwell Bamberg Baptist Association holds a “Pastors and Ministers Conference” monthly.  We usually have a speaker.  Today we had an ordination council for Kris Kuriger, the student pastor at Hagood Avenue Baptist Church.  I was truly blessed to take part.

Kris and Mike D’Attoma have a close relationship, as do Ken Catoe and I, and it has led to good things for the Kingdom and for both HABC and FBC.  We’re cooperating together in unprecedented ways.  So I’ve gotten to know Kris fairly well.  In our occasional lunches and discussions, I have heard his heart many times.  Today I heard something more.  I heard depth.

A few things he said that I found noteworthy:

I’ve heard lots of young people say they came from a Christian home.  Kris put it differently.  “My parents feared the LORD.  They loved God.”  I appreciated that.  I don’t hear many young people talk about the fear of the LORD.

He spoke of a time as a teenager when he was living a double life.  In the 11th grade, his best friend confronted him with this: “I love you and I can’t just keep letting you live this way.”  Wow.  What a faithful friend.

He mentioned in passing that he had recently developed his own personal mission statement: “To help people experience God’s truth and love in everyday life.”  That’s not only well put, it’s true to everything I know of Kris.

And then came the moment that blew me away.  Asked what he thought was the greatest need of youth today, he referenced Twitter: “I think our kids want God in quips.  They post these really inspirational messages on Twitter, and then they go out and live any way they want.  It’s like they want God in 100 characters or less.  They need to slow down and experience God more deeply.”  It reminded me so much of when we were interviewing Ray Selden some ten years ago.  He was asked the same question, and gave a very similar answer that really stuck with me.  “Our kids’ greatest need is to integrate their faith into their lives.”

At all points today, Kris carried himself very well and it was evident to all.

I told Kris afterward that I love him, I am proud of him, and I am happy for him.  I told Ken what a great job he was doing of mentoring this young man, and that he should be as proud as a papa.  Truly.  I was honored to participate.

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