My Week in Brief

Mar. 16 – OK, so I have to confess to a little jealousy. As Katie McCormick shared her powerful stories today, I looked out to see how you were receiving it. I saw smiles. I saw tears. I saw you caught up in every word. I want it to be what I see every Sunday. So I’m committing to sharing more stories like Jesus, even if I share less info like Paul! 🙂 And I’m committing to having others tell their stories, too. So … if you would like to share with others what God has done and is doing in your life, please let me know. Your voice should be heard.

Mar. 16 – I had a blast sitting down with Rhett Walker and the band. I like to spend time with artists who come in because I want to get behind the façade, cut through all the fog of celebrity, and hear the human story. And I appreciate when they let me see their heart. Rhett was a misguided youth. But, as his song says: “And in one moment everything changed. Who I was got washed away when mercy found me.” I’m glad God’s mercy found Rhett. I hope it’s found you, too.

Mar. 17 – Pastor Mike and I attended the Ordination Council for Kris Kuriger, the student pastor at Hagood Ave. Kris was examined and knocked it out of the park. My favorite moment: Asked what he thought was the greatest need of youth today, he said: “I think our kids want God in quips. They post these really inspirational messages on Twitter, and then they go out and live any way they want. It’s like they want God in 100 characters or less. They need to slow down and experience God more deeply.” Well said, young man, well said.

Mar. 18 – Pastor Mike and I attended a BBQ luncheon for government officials. I did meet a few, but it turns out God’s reason for me to be there was different. I connected with Sonny Holmes (President of SCBC in 2011) and D. J. Horton (current President), and was blessed by both. I also ran into Pastor Naveen Balakrishnan, who has spoken here before. All of these were rich blessings!

Mar. 18 – Tonight Debi and I attended a Fernando Ortega concert in Augusta. What gifts this man has! What a gift he is! We ran into our friends the Haglers. You may have prayed for them 2 years ago when their daughter died in a drowning accident. It was so very good to see them. I left refreshed though my day had been long.

Mar. 19 – Pastor Phillip Thomas brought a wonderful message at today’s Lenten Service: “Compassion is love in action.” I appreciate this good brother, and this community we serve together.

Mar. 19 – I got my electronic version of LiveIT magazine today and was shocked to see I was quoted in it. Scott Vaughn with the SCBC had called me about Band of Brothers, but I thought it was for in-house assessment purposes, not for publication. Glad I didn’t say anything really dumb!

Mar. 19 – I visited Bobby Mixon in Barnwell Hospital this evening. His blood sugar is too high and he may have an ulcer. Please join me in praying for him.

Mar. 20 – Today as I was in the Mentor Room with my two young men, they looked at the bulletin board with pictures of former mentors and their protégés. Don’t ask me why, but they pointed to a picture of Lee Clamp and asked, “Is that you?” “Why, yes,” I said, “yes it is.” 🙂

Mar. 20 – I spoke to Superintendent Jay Grissom and to BPS Principal Donna Selvey about starting a new award for the most improved student for the quarter and also for the school year. I want to call it the “Rising Star” award. We’ll present the student with a certificate and also a gift card to eat out. Maybe you would like to do the same for one of the other schools. If so, let me know and I’ll help you get set up.

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