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Salinas to Guayaquil to Cuenca (2014-9-30)

Yesterday, I ate breakfast on the terrace at the hotel in Manta, where we were treated to the sight of a whale. I understand they migrate in July and August, but you can still catch the occasional drifter in September. I’m glad I did. Today we ate at the hotel in Salinas, then began the […]

In Salinas (2014-9-28)

Today we left Manta and traveled south to Salinas, going through not only a variety of smaller towns, but apparently a variety of ecosystems as well. Leaving Manta, we passed from beach to Badlands to rain forest, all in the space of about 50 km. It’s one of the things I have loved about Ecuador […]

A Perfectly Wonderful Lackluster Day (2014-9-27)

It’s pretty cool when you can say, “Nothing much happened today,” and the day was still great, right? The day began with breakfast on an open terrace at the hotel. If I ever lived in a place like this, such a terrace is now a must. Simply splendid. Then we explored more of Manta. It […]

In Manta (2014-9-26)

I met my friends Greg and Debby Chambers at the Guayaquil airport this morning. They are great friends, and just great people in general, among the best of people in the world as far as I am concerned. They are intelligent, generous, good-hearted, kind folks, and just plain fun to be with. I’m glad I […]

Cuenca by Day, Guayaquil by Night (2014-9-25)

This morning began with breakfast at the hotel.  If you ever go to Cuenca, I highly recommend the Hotel Posada del Rey.  My room was clean, the staff was friendly and spoke English, it’s right in the middle of everything, and the breakfast which would have cost $10 in the U.S. came with the $30 […]

Cuenca – What a Magical Place! (2014-9-24)

I scratched all kinds of things today. Like the itch for adventure. And my cheapskate bone. All at the same time. After a pleasant breakfast (2 fried eggs, 2 pieces of fried bologna, and two large slices of bread, all of which I turned into a breakfast sandwich) at the hotel, I took a cab […]

So I Woke Up This Morning … In Ecuador. WHAT?!?!? (2014-9-24)

One of the things on my “bucket list” is to visit all seven continents. Yes, that includes Antarctica. Yesterday, I touched down in South America. Five down, two to go. I traveled well. Debi and Kaye Pattillo drove me to the airport in Atlanta. On the way, we introduced Kaye to John Michael Talbot. I […]