So I Woke Up This Morning … In Ecuador. WHAT?!?!?

One of the things on my “bucket list” is to visit all seven continents. Yes, that includes Antarctica. Yesterday, I touched down in South America. Five down, two to go.

I traveled well. Debi and Kaye Pattillo drove me to the airport in Atlanta. On the way, we introduced Kaye to John Michael Talbot. I sat in the back seat, sang like no one could see me, wept and worshiped. I feel as though his music carries me into the presence of God.

I passed through the airport fairly quickly, then took a puddle jumper to Miami. I was a bit surprised in the Miami airport to encounter a TSA agent who may have spoken some English, but not enough to really communicate well. He asked me a question as I stepped out of the scanner, that I did not exactly understand. Was he speaking Spanish, or was that his attempt to speak English? Either way, I wasn’t picking up what he was laying down, so he motioned to me to extend my arms and proceeded to pat me down. That may have been what he was saying in the first place.

On the four hour flight to Guayaquil, I realized I had not eaten anything yet. Soon thereafter, American Airlines obliged me with a chicken dinner. Have they improved their meals, or was I that famished?

I sat next to a young lady named Danielle working on her Master’s degree in landscape architecture. She had studied Spanish since she was in high school and Spanish culture as a major in college, and had spent a year in Ecuador. She was a treasure trove of information for me.

That really proved to be helpful, because this is unlike tourist destinations where many people speak English. A few people here do, but I had troubled communicating even with the immigration official at the airport. Thankfully, I had printed out my hotel reservation, so simply handed that to the cab driver. He took me to the Guayaquil Tropical Inn, where I had to use the same printed reservation because neither of the clerks spoke a word of English. But it all worked out, and now here I sit on my hotel bed, typing a blog post … from Ecuador.

Today I hope to catch a bus to Cuenca, about 4 hours away. Getting to the bus terminal will be an adventure. Getting on the right bus will be an adventure, too. But, adventure is exactly why I’m here. Let’s do this!

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