A Perfectly Wonderful Lackluster Day

It’s pretty cool when you can say, “Nothing much happened today,” and the day was still great, right?

The day began with breakfast on an open terrace at the hotel. If I ever lived in a place like this, such a terrace is now a must. Simply splendid.

Then we explored more of Manta. It turns out to be a bit of a disappointment to me. It doesn’t have the old-world charm of Cuenca, nor the sleepy fidhing village feel of Puerto Cayo. It’s just a bustling third-world city which happens to be located on a wonderful stretch of the Pacific Ocean.

So, things were more mundane and less adventuresome. But that really worked out fine. I took a walk along the beach. Here, the ocean churns up a few shells, but mostly rocks. Yes, rocks. And they’re fascinating. Basalt. Quartz. Conglomerates. I’m taking some home, and I’m almost as happy with them as the alpaca blanket.

I sat on the balcony watching all kinds of birds. There are flocks of pelicans, who don’t dive into the ocean so much as they smack into it, with great force and noise, creating giant splashes. I’ll have to do more research. Are they trying to stun their pray with shock and awe? Are they just clumsy? And there was another bird, much smoother in its approach, but I don’t know what kind of bird it was. Instead of diving straight down like the pelicans, these went into the ocean diagonally and seemed to scoop up their lunch on the fly. Then there are these kites. Watching them use their split tails as rudders is simply fascinating.

Since not much else was going on, I took a good long nap. I didn’t realize how badly I needed one.

And then it was out to dinner at a local sports bar. Well, it should really be called a “sport” bar here, since soccer is the only option. But I had a little taste of home, a good bacon cheeseburger.

So, my gringo moment of the day? I told Greg that I hoped the water in the shower was better than the water from the foot sprayer, which had a strong smell of sulphur. Greg laughed and explained that wasn’t a foot sprayer, it was the South American version of a bidet. Are you kidding? I told him the water smelled so bad that it may be the only bidet leaving you worse off than when you began! 🙂

Tomorrow, we begin moving down the coast. Puerto Cayo is next, and Salinas is Monday.

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