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2015 Church-Wide Mission (2015-7-19)

We had a wonderful week in Perry, SC. I am convinced that the building that goes up is almost incidental. So much more is happening. Relationships are being built that will last forever. And the good that God is doing in the world is known only to Him. That is especially evident to me now. […]

Deep Sadness. Deeper Pride. (2015-7-7)

“The Lord has given. And the Lord has taken. Blessed be the name of the Lord.” I knew when I heard Annie’s tearful hello that the news would be hard. She had just come from her appointment, where her doctor was unable to detect a heartbeat for the child she still carries. She had been […]

Baptism and Church Membership (Pt. 3) (2015-7-6)

Dear Friends and Fellow Missionaries: This is the third in a series of articles in which I hope to clear up confusion about the issue of baptism, the separate issue of church membership, and the relationship between the two. In my first article, I addressed the issue of baptism.  Baptism is an “ordinance,” which means […]