2015 Church-Wide Mission

We had a wonderful week in Perry, SC.

I am convinced that the building that goes up is almost incidental. So much more is happening. Relationships are being built that will last forever. And the good that God is doing in the world is known only to Him.

That is especially evident to me now. In our Construction Ministry, we say certain things all the time. We say we are “Living the Call Wherever He Leads,” and “We’re Here by Divine Appointment.” That has never been more real to me than in this effort. Plans were made long before the awful event at Emanuel AME in Charleston. Now here we are, a diverse but still mostly white congregation, with help from others as far away as NY and Louisiana, working together with African American brothers and sisters from Perry. We didn’t set out to make a statement, but I believe a statement is being made by God’s design. That statement is, “In Christ, we are one. In Christ, love wins!”

WJBF (Channel 6) Coverage



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