The Work Begins

Again, I awoke very early. I think I will not try to correct that, because if I do, when I return home, my body will be conditioned to rising later than normal. I think I’ll just be governed by my own circadian rhythm than by the clock.

After breakfast, we began seeing patients. I always find, and today found, the people are beautiful and their needs great. I feel honored to serve with others who are willing to give so much of themselves in an effort to give back.

One of the doctors serving here is Bill Turner, a nephrologist from Spartanburg. He’s been all over the world and is full of all kinds of medical knowledge, cultural insights, random trivia and homespun goofery. I love this guy. One of the other doctors mentioned some remote place of the world where he wants to go someday … Bill started talking about the incredible experience he had while he was there.

We had a little miscommunication today. We were to see patients this morning, but since it is Sunday, we were to handle emergencies only after lunch. That’s not how it was published in the village, however, so we saw patients all day.

My job is to be helpful in any way I can and otherwise stay out of the way. So I’m weighing patients and taking their temperatures. They’re calling it “triage,” to prevent my feeling insignificant. But I’m doing other things, too, that aren’t technically in the description. I give out a piece of candy to the children, and try to cheer up those who look a bit intrepid. I played “little bitty man” with one little boy, and that led to every kid in the room trying to tickle me. One little girl was hard to draw out, so I took her hand, started singing “Lets Do the Twist,” and we danced until she laughed. The only greater joy than that found in serving others is that found in serving children.

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