Wheels Up!

We had a wonderful send-off from Barnwell. People in both services laid hands upon Team Uganda to send us off with God’s blessing and with theirs. Immediately after the service, we gathered together, prayed, and it was off to ATL.

We had a smooth trip to ATL, and then a smooth check-in at Qatar Airlines. The only thing close to a surprise is that the flight leaves an hour earlier than our itinerary indicates. But even that was no problem, because we passed through the shortest TSA line I’ve ever experienced. 5 minutes. A hop, skip and a jump later, we’re all sitting in the waiting area for our flight to Doha, Qatar.

Happy Unexpected Moment: Shaking hands with NBA Hall of Fame member and fellow traveler Dikembe Mutombo.

gkr1996 posted at 2016-6-19 Category: Uganda 2016