Blessed Are the Flexible …

For they shall not be bent out of shape.

Just before we boarded our plane in ATL, we heard from Belinda and Kirsten that their flight was delayed.  They had to return earlier than the rest of us and so had a separate itinerary on Turkish Airlines while the rest of us were flying Qatar Airlines.  Their delay was going to cause them to miss their connecting flight from Istanbul to Entebbe, and they were told they would have to spend the night in a hotel in Istanbul (arranged by the airline, of course) and arrive in Entebbe 24 hours late.  I spoke to someone at Turkish Airlines to ask if they had a reciprocal agreement with Qatar that would allow Belinda and Kirsten to fly with us instead, but the answer was negative.  Then the airline rep offered that it might be possible for them to change their itinerary once they got to Istanbul.  Instead of spending the night and flying directly to Entebbe, perhaps they could catch a flight to another city (e.g. Nairobi) and then go on from there.  That might save considerable time.

As I write this, they are still in the air, and the outcome will not be determined until they arrive in Istanbul.  So we are praying  And we are confident that our Father does all things well.  In fact, I’ve already thought of one particular blessing, however this works out.  Belinda has been a bit nervous about arriving in Entebbe several hours before us.  I’ve verified three times that a rep from God’s Care Ministries would be waiting for them to whisk them off to the Airport Guest House to await our arrival.  Now, all of that is resolved.  We will be in Entebbe first and be there to greet Kirsten and Belinda.  I think that will calm a few nerves.

Most Puzzling Moment: Waking at 4 a.m. to be served a sandwich, which I thought was breakfast right up until I was served breakfast three hours later.

In the WTMI but I have to note it anyway category: In the airport in Qatar, the men’s rooms have attendants who escort each visitor to a stall and clean the seat before his eyes.  Awkward … but I could learn to live with a service like that!


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