Ministry Among the Children

Today was full and wonderful.  After gathering together for prayer, we moved over to the Orphans Village.  On Thursdays, they have an afternoon time of “Bible School” which looks very much like VBS back home.  The ladies spent some time planning out activities for the 360 children.

I went with Alissa to tend to a child at the McFarland Memorial Medical Centre.  Dennis is 11 years old, but has the appearance of a child of five or six due to extreme malnourishment.  He is presently suffering from several maladies, including malaria.  When he first came some days ago, many had simply resigned themselves to his inevitable death.  But Caitlyn, a worker who has come from Mike Fraunfelter’s church in North Dakota every summer since 2013, was determined and begged God to spare his life.  I believe God is answering her heartfelt cries.

When I first saw him, he was in bed with the lethargy of the extremely sick.  Alissa had contacted a nutritionist who had referred her to the hospital in Kyenjojo, where Baylor University helps sponsor a nutrition program.  En route to the hospital, I held Dennis for stability (the roads are in horrendous condition), and I could feel every bone, every rib.  They saw Dennis there, and provided packets of nutritional supplements for a month.  When we retuned, it was lunchtime.  We felt awkward eating in front of Dennis, and several shared their food, though his malnutrition actually limits what he’s able to ingest.  I began to play a bit with him, and it did my heart good to see him smile and even laugh a little.

After lunch, we conducted the Bible school.  Kids played some version of “Duck-Duck-Goose,” chased each other with water balloons, and generally had fun with organized games.  I taught Bible stories.  Rather than deciding which story to tell, I simply asked what story they wanted to hear.  The final tally was: The Prodigal Son (3); the Lost Sheep (2); God’s deliverance of Israel from Egypt (2); and Samson and Delilah.  I tried not only to tell the story, but some applications to our own lives from each.

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