My Week in Brief


July 23 – Today Daniel Goldy asked my permission to propose to Marie.  I consented.  He wasted no time, either, asking for her hand at dinner.  He wanted Debi and I to be there for the occasion.  I’m happy for a young man making the effort to become part of the family.  It’s altogether better to gain a son than to lose a daughter.  (PK)


July 24 – It was so good to meet Kimber Hallman today and celebrate what God has done for her and for her family.  I think her presence positively influenced the entire service.  Keep praying for our expecting mothers and their babies.  (PK)


July 24 – Our Deacons held a special meeting tonight to discuss how we build God’s kingdom and grow FBC.  Lots of positive ideas came out of this meeting.  We’re now praying together for God to lead us to a workable number of ideas, formulate action plans, and put the right people in place.  This is a great step forward in our 2020 Vision to be a “Missional Hub.”  I pray for more good things to come very soon, and I promise to keep you posted.  (PK)


July 24 – A member just had to tell me…  She took up the “Malachi Challenge” and doubled her normal giving for one month.  She said she “needed an umbrella” when God opened up the windows of heaven and poured out blessing.  🙂 Don’t miss out.  August is your last opportunity! (PK)


July 25 – Men, we’ve had great turn-out for the last several Brotherhood Suppers.  The next one is set for Tuesday, Aug 16, 6:45 p.m. at Pleasant Hill Baptist Church.  If you wish to ride the bus, be in the church parking lot by 6:15 p.m.  Bring canned goods for the BBBA Pantry.  (PK)


July 25 – Such pleasant visits today.  Elaine Bryan can’t really form words now, but she still speaks volumes with her eyes.  Gene and Florence Sanders are thankful to still be able to stay at home, but know they need some kind of medical facility close by.  Mary Geddings is doing well (especially so for the current heatwave!) and has been to Sunday School for six straight weeks.  I had forgotten that she shares a birthday with her neighbor Margie Foy, who invited me to stay for the dinner being prepared for friends.  I didn’t want to impose today, but I did make note of the right time for future visits.  (PK)


July 26 – Jay Beasley was hospitalized for a week and diagnosed with kidney disease.  Yet his spirit is completely positive. He’s grateful to have a good explanation for what he’s been going through and to have a clear path forward.  So am I, and I pray for good results in the future.  (PK)


July 26 – Rosie Price has perked up since my last visit.  It was precious to hear her reflect back on her life and say, “God has blessed me so much, my life has been more than I could ever have asked for.”  I think that’s what it means to be “Blessed.”  (PK)


July 26 – I surely enjoyed getting to know Brandon and Andrea Still.  God has brought them through so many things to this point in life, and they’re determined to use their experiences to give Him glory and to give people hope.  I’m committed to helping them do that to maximum potential.  (PK)


July 27 – I was invited today to a preview of “The Insanity of God,” a movie about the IMB missionary couple and Christians under persecution produced by IMB and LifeWay.  I’ve heard it is very powerful.  I’ll let you know my thoughts.  It opens August 30 in theaters.  (PK)


July 28 – I got the sweetest letter from Jerome Rhodes, a man we helped recently.  He’s in jail.  I’m sorry abut that, but I will visit him.  He wanted me to know he was not the one who broke into our church. “I would never stoop that low. I gave myself to Jesus Christ at that church. For the first time in my life, I believed.”  I accept his word as true, and I rejoice for him.  (PK)


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