My Week in Brief

Aug. 7 – Are you familiar with “March for Jesus?”  One will be held in Augusta on Oct. 22.  You can find out more by going to  (PK)

Aug. 7 –Ben and Amy surprised me and Debi last night with a Boston concert.  Sweet!  I enjoyed the music and most of my hearing has returned. I loved seeing people my age bringing children who now love their parents’ music. Nice to see the “family touch.”  (PK)

Aug. 8 – We’ve worked with Pastor John Shubhakar Kalangi for years now, supporting his work in India.  Today I got an invitation to the wedding of his son on Aug. 13.  He knows, of course, we won’t be flying to India, but isn’t it sweet that he would express his appreciation for our support by extending the offer?  (PK)

Aug. 8 – BBBA Pastors met this a.m. to hear from career missionary Becka Moore.  She told us of the “Philip Initiative,” a movement to mobilize professionals to make alternative paths into the world’s least reached areas.  Are you willing to use your career as a way to disciple the nations?  Go to www.scwmu and use the keyword aearch “Philip”.  (PK)

Aug. 8 – In reviewing today’s financial report, I see our debt is $528,589.  That means that on my sixth anniversary, we have paid down over $1 million dollars of debt!  And with the sale of the home we own across the street, that will be reduced down to something around $450,000.  We truly are on the way to realizng our 2020 Vision of being “Debt Free.”  All glory to God in the highest!!  (PK)

Aug. 9 – “The guys” always have a good time at the monthly Men’s Breakfast.  Men, you want to include this on your calendar.  It is 8 a.m. the second Tuesday of each month.  Our next breakfast is set for Sept. 13.  (PK)

Aug. 9 –  I get excited preparing sermon series.  I try to listen to God’s Spirit in deciding how to handle so much Biblical material in so few sermons.  I look forward to returning to Genesis: The Story of Us, learning life lessons from Isaac and Israel.  (PK)

Aug. 10 – Today I will go to Atlanta to visit my Aunt Ruby.  Well into her 80’s, she’s been diagnosed with cancer and opted to forego harsh treatments.  Saying goodbye will be hard.  She’s the last of my mother’s family and looks so much like my mom.  But I am comforted to know we will be reunited soon enough.  Thank God for the hope we have in Christ.  (PK)

Aug. 10 – I previewed The Insanity of God movie today.  It’s a powerful movie concerning the persecuted church.  It will show in theaters one day only, Aug. 30.  I’m sure we’ll bring it here to FBC, but if you want to go on Aug. 30, please call the office.  Tickets are $15.  (PK)

Aug. 12 – Today Destiny turns 16!  In my mind, she is still my little flibbertigibbet, so it’s hard for me to acknowledge she’s growing up.  She may be the most compassionate and empathetic person I’ve ever known.  She and I are on a “road trip” to celebrate.  (PK)

Aug. 13 – Annie arrives today.  And Lilleigh.  And the baby bump (thank you again for praying for our expecting moms). And we will also reunite with Emily, who has spent the entire summer helping our daughters (official and unofficial) care for their families.  I can’t wait to see my girls!!  (PK)

Aug. 13 – Remember to mark your calendar for Sunday, Aug. 28, 5-8 p.m..  We will host another FBC Family Fun Night, at Fuller Park.  Bring something to throw on the grill.  Drinks and chips will be provided.  We’ll have lots of fun, so it’s a great time to invite friends and neighbors.  (PK)

Aug. 14 – Today we will vote to accept the report of our Nominating Committee.  I want to thank them for their diligence in seeking out great people to carry forward the work here.  And I want to thank you for saying “Yes” when asked to serve.  God bless you for it.  (PK)

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