My Week in Brief

Aug. 15 – Roland and Billie Brant’s granddaughter, Wren, has been diagnosed with leukemia.  Please pray for her, for her parents, Steve and Brandi (who is expecting a baby), and her siblings.  You can follow their story on and on the Facebook Group “Hope for Wren #AllinforWren”.   (PK)

Aug. 15 – Both of my lawnmowers are on the fritz.  No worries!  Phil Grubbs came by and mowed my lawn out of the kindness of his great big heart.  I’m grateful beyond words.  Thank you, Phil!  Lunch is on me soon!  (PK)

Aug. 16 – The lady sitting with Sally Grill looks and sounds just like her—because it’s her mom!  Mrs. Ruth Snazelle has come to live with Jim, Sally and Gayle.  I was glad to hear she plans to join with us at FBC.  She taught Sunday School for fifty years.  Always happy to welcome another student of the word!  (PK)

Aug. 16 – Fifteen men attended the Brotherhood Supper tonight.  We had a great meal and heard a good message.  Guys, I hope you utilize every opportunity to stand with other men.  Especially consider the next Brotherhood meeting—we’re hosting it!  Mark your calendar now for Tuesday, Nov. 22.  (PK)

Aug. 17 – We had seven people at the Open Windows Prayer Meeting today asking God for genuine revival.  If you can join us Wednesdays from 12:15-12:45, I hope you will.  If you can’t be here in body, you can still join us in spirit.  Consider asking some faithful co-workers or classmates to join you in asking God for an outpouring of His Spirit.  (PK)

Aug. 17 – Our BBBA Task Force has proposed a new constitution.  If approved at our annual meeting on Sept. 18, we will have four groups focused on various aspects of church life.  I have agreed to lead the “Church Starting and Strengthening” team and serve on the Missions Team.  We met this a.m.  So much is already in the works.  For example, we’re planning a Missions Conference for March of 2018.  We’ll be hosting that.  Stay tuned for more exciting news, and be sure to put the Aug. 18 Annual Meeting on your calendar.  (PK)

Aug. 17 – You know the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering supports North American Missions, and Lottie Moon Christmas Offering supports International Missions.  But did you know about the Janie Chapman Offering, which specifically supports SC missions?  These funds support partnerships with public schools, 25,000+ Christmas packets for inmates in SC prisons, Baptist Collegiate Ministry on 28 SC campuses, SC disaster relief, Camp McCall for boys and Camp LaVida for girls … it’s really amazing what God will do if we just say “Yes.”  So let’s plan to do that Sunday, Sept. 18.  (PK)

Aug. 17 – A GREAT meeting with young adults tonight.  I have felt for some time they are underserved at FBC, and I want to fix that.  They were very enthused!  We’ll begin this Wednesday meeting 6:30-7:30 p.m. in the Coffee Nook.  The first meetings will be about making connections and getting to know one another, determining what kinds of activities they would like, etc.  So if you’re out of HS and under 40, come join us!!  (PK)

Aug. 18 – Pastor Dan and I had the joy of meeting 12 AmeriCorps volunteers who will be serving in Barnwell County.  We’re providing gathering space for them, along with a meal or two.  More importantly, I hope we will provide support for their labors, encouragement for their service to others, and hope for their lives.  They seem like fantastic young people.  I truly hope I get the opportunity to know each one better in coming weeks.  (PK)

Aug. 18 – I had the chance to sit down with Joey Williams and get to know him a bit better tonight.  He has an amazing story of God’s unrelenting love and of God using severe adversity (he lost a sister in a car accident and two years later was almost killed in a car accident himself) to bring about ultimate good.  Very powerful.  I’m glad to know this young man, and happy for him to be transitioning into a leadership role with our Praise Team.  (PK)

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