My Week in Brief

Aug. 20 – theBRIDGE was a great celebration of those who’ve graduated from our Children’s Ministry into our Student Ministry.  I loved the encouraging tone. We owe a debt to Dana Bell and Dan Brown, and to the amazing volunteers who stand with them, for making FBC a place where young people grow in the Lord.  (PK)

Aug. 21 – Although we had several rows of students from The Merge all sitting together, only a few signed the attendance register.  I was intrigued by one student I wish I had met.  His name was Toothpaste. Email address:!  You gotta love ‘em. 🙂  (PK)

Aug. 23 – I met for the last time with the BBBA Task Force charged with envisioning the future for our Association.  We’ve proposed an updated constitution.  If approved at our annual meeting on Sept. 18, the BBBA will have four groups focused on various aspects of church life.  I have agreed to lead the “Church Starting and Strengthening” team and serve on the Missions Team.  Be sure to join us for the Annual Meeting Sept. 18, 5-7 p.m. at Denmark First Baptist Church.  (PK)

Aug. 23 – Fellow pastors Ken Frederick and Charlie Lucas went with me to Columbia to meet with Becka Moore about the Philip Initiative.  It is a movement to mobilize professionals to make alternative paths into the world’s least reached areas.  Are you willing to use your career as a way to disciple the nations?  Go to www.scwmu and use the keyword aearch “Philip”.  (PK)

Aug. 24 – The Young Adults met again tonight.  I’m truly excited for this ministry and for these good people.  They are so genuine.  We still haven’t come up with a name, but will do so next Wednesday.  After that, the group will meet on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.  If you’re out of HS and not yet 40, join us then!  (PK)

Aug. 24 – Today, God just poured out blessings!  As one member put it recently, “I had to get out my umbrella!”

First, I got news that I’ve been approved to teach for two weeks at a seminary in Kiev, Ukraine next May.

Then we received the check from the closing of the Allen Street house. Proceeds totaled $133,006.05.  Of that, $57,270.90 will reimburse to the account from which it was taken to buy the house, and $2,121.70 for repair expenses.  That leaves $73,613.45 toward the elimination of our debt, bringing our total debt down to $445,631.85.  So, in six years, our debt has been decreased by 71%, a total of $1.1 million.  Praise the LORD for His great kindness!!  (PK)

Aug. 25 – This morning we laid to rest Elaine Bryan.  She was a dear sister and a model of Christina virtue for the generations following.  She left a legacy of faith, of loving God and of serving people.  It’s an example for us to celebrate now and follow in the days remaining to us.  (PK)

Aug. 25 – I visited Iris Grubbs today.  Speaking is still difficult for her, but as I prayed for her, she very clearly said, “Praise God!”  I told her if I lost my speech in later life, I hope I could still say those two words.  She wrote out: “I stay in the word and praise God.”  I hope we can all say that if we reach her age.  Her son Marty was there, as was Carlton Lemmond.  And while there, Sunil Kumar stopped by to deliver DVD’s and took the time to pray for Mrs. Iris.  (PK)

Aug. 25 – Annie has gestational diabetes.  They think she can control it with diet, but has to prick her finger four times daily to monitor blood sugar levels.  She’s at 30 weeks today.  Please continue praying for her and for all our expecting moms.  (PK)

Aug. 25 – I got a letter from the child we sponsor in Uganda.  She always signs, “Your Daughter.”  I love that.  I try to make each of my daughters think that she is my favorite.  I hope Kabajungu feels that way, too.  (PK)

Aug. 25 – This year, Sept. 11 falls on a Sunday.  We plan to recognize first responders that day.  We’re inviting police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and EMT’s from the community, and want to be sure we include those in our congregation, too.  If you are, or have been, one of those who run to danger instead of away from it, please call the office to be sure we have your info.  (PK)

Aug. 25 – The Janie Chapman Offering supports SC missions like partnerships with public schools, 25,000+ Christmas packets for inmates in SC prisons, Baptist Collegiate Ministry on 28 SC campuses, SC disaster relief, Camp McCall for boys and Camp LaVida for girls.  It’s really amazing what God will do if we just say “Yes.”  So let’s plan to do that Sunday, Sept. 18.  (PK)

Aug. 25 – Tonight is FBC Family Fun Night, at Fuller Park.  Bring something to throw on the grill.  Drinks and chips will be provided.  We’ll have lots of fun, so it’s a great time to invite friends and neighbors.  (PK)

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