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My Week in Brief (2016-9-24)

Sept. 18 – I’m grateful we have The Merge and our air conditioning there works!  What a wonderful facility God has given us.  I tend to focus on the challenge of eliminating our debt, but we should all be thankful for the ministry that occurs due to those investments.  (PK) Sept. 18 – Tonight was […]

My Week in Brief (2016-9-17)

Sept. 11 – Thank you, Mike Epperson, for the extraordinary job of organizing our recognition First Responders.  I prayed today: “Forgive us, Father, when we fail to recognize First Responders until there is a crisis.”  I’m taking that to heart.  I hope we all will.  (PK) Sept. 11 – A special thanks to Rick Still, […]

My Week in Brief (2016-9-10)

Sept. 6 – Today we said goodbye to Marie Frazier.  One of her family members told me, “She was a true Southern lady.”  How true.  She was so kind to me.  Once when she knew I was down, she made a special trip to the office just to cheer me up.  I felt the warm […]

My Week in Brief (2016-9-3)

Aug. 26 – I was so saddened to hear that George & Esther Taylor’s grandson, Jason Moore, had been killed in a motorcycle accident.  I went to offer our love and the hope we have in Christ.  Let us all remember that we have no promise of tomorrow on this earth, but we do have […]