My Week in Brief

Aug. 26 – I was so saddened to hear that George & Esther Taylor’s grandson, Jason Moore, had been killed in a motorcycle accident.  I went to offer our love and the hope we have in Christ.  Let us all remember that we have no promise of tomorrow on this earth, but we do have Jesus’ promise: “I am the resurrection and the life. Those who believe in me, even though they die like everyone else, will live again.  They are given eternal life for believing in me and will never perish.” John 11:25-26  (PK)

Aug. 26 – I visited with Rosie Price.  She’s weaker over the last few days.  I’m no doctor, but I think unless God intervenes in a miraculous way, she has made the final turn and is headed for home.  I know that’s hard for those who remain, but she is as ready as anyone I’ve ever known to be with Jesus.  God’s peace to her and to her family.  (PK)

Aug. 28 – Today we celebrated what God has done for us in reducing our debt by $73,000 in the sale of the Allen Street house.  A lot of people worked hard to do repairs and spruce the house up for sale, but no one did more than Roy Myrick, who heads up our Property Committee.  He was a tireless force in overseeing that project from the moment we obtained it to the moment the house sold.  Under God, we owe our deep gratitude to him.  Well done, Mr. Roy!  (PK)

Aug. 28 – I had a wonderful time at our FBC Family Fun Night and I was glad to see so many of you there.  I hope Jackson Bell is the forgiving type.  As we walked toward each other, he zigged when I thought he would zag, and I spilled my tea …right on top of his head!  What a mousse. 🙂  (PK)

Aug. 29 – Today Ministerial Staff had a long-range planning session to get major items calendared.  We covered everything from D-NOW in September to Easter next April 16.  I think we have excellent staff here.  I hope you appreciate them as much as I do, and that you will take the opportunity to tell them so.  (PK)

Aug. 29 – I visited Pat Stressman today.  She had emergency open-heart surgery Sunday.  She was still sedated, but Ray said the surgery went well.  Please pray for Pat and for Ray, too.  I know this came as quite a shock to them both.  I’m grateful her problem was detected before something went badly wrong.  And I was happy to run into Lauren Still, who is a nurse there.  (PK)

Aug. 30 – Rosie Price is weaker, but her mind is still sharp.  What is more, her heart is still keen to glorify with every day that God gives her, until our imperfect praise below gives way to perfect praise above.  (PK)

Aug. 31 – Bob and Kaye Pattillo joined me to watch the movie The Insanity of God.  It is a compelling and challenging call to connect with the Persecuted Church and to honor their sacrifice by living for Christ in whatever context we live.  We will definitely get the license and view this together.  (PK)

Aug. 31 – Be sure to join us for the BBBA Annual Meeting Sept. 18, 5-7 p.m. at Denmark FBC.  The BBBA Task Force on which I’ve served has proposed an updated constitution.  If approved, the BBBA will have four groups focused on various aspects of church life.  I have agreed to lead the “Church Starting and Strengthening” team and serve on the Missions Team.  (PK)

Aug. 31 – Young Adults met again tonight, including five first timers!  Starting next week, FLIGHT1939  meets on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.  If you’re out of HS and not yet 40, join us then!  (PK)

Sept. 1 – Rosie Price’s body is still in this world, but her heart and mind are clearly with the Lord in heaven.  Pray for her peace and the family’s comfort as she makes her final journey.  (PK)

Sept. 4 – The Janie Chapman Offering supports SC missions like partnerships with public schools, 25,000+ Christmas packets for inmates in SC prisons, Baptist Collegiate Ministry on 28 SC campuses, SC disaster relief, Camp McCall for boys and Camp LaVida for girls.  It’s really amazing what God will do if we just say “Yes.”  So let’s plan to do that Sunday, Sept. 18.  (PK)

Sept. 4 – Next Sunday, we recognize first responders. We’re inviting police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and EMT’s from the community, active or retired, and want to be sure we include those in our congregation, too.  If you are, or have been, one of those who run to danger instead of from it, please call the office to be sure we have your info.  (PK)

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