My Week in Brief

Sept. 6 – Today we said goodbye to Marie Frazier.  One of her family members told me, “She was a true Southern lady.”  How true.  She was so kind to me.  Once when she knew I was down, she made a special trip to the office just to cheer me up.  I felt the warm comfort of a mother.  I look for the day when we will be reunited.  God’s peace to her family.  (PK)

Sept. 6 – Peggy Prtichard has suffered a stroke.  When I saw her, she was aware and able to appropriately respond to questions, but could not move her left arm or leg.  As I prayed with her, however, she held on tightly with her right hand, as if to say she is still strong and fighting.  I pray for exactly that blessing.  (PK)


Sept. 7 – We had a great turnout for FLIGHT1939. Branson & Andrea Still shared their testimony and what God is now doing through their “Out of the Mud” ministry.  FLIGHT1939 meets 6:30-7:30 p.m. the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month.  If you’re out of HS and not yet 40, join us then!  (PK)

Sept. 8 – Today we laid Rosie Price to rest.  Her son said she would have rolled her eyes to think we talked about her.  She wanted the focus to be on Jesus.  Every family member spoke of her devotion to the Lord and her selfless love for others.  What a wonderful tribute, and what a good example for us.  (PK)

Sept. 8 –  A special thanks to our Bereavement Ministry Team.  What they do is so special that words fail me.  I wish they could just read my heart.  I heard a family member express their thanks to Mr. Lowell.  He responded, “It is our privilege.”  Their service always reflects that spirit.  Thank you Julie & Lowell Jowers, Alsa Sanders, Johnny & Phyllis Martin, Linda & Roy Myrick, Melvin & Bobbie Bostick.  And thank you to all who prepared food.  God alone knows the true value of your ministry.  (PK)

Sept. 8 – Sarah D’Attoma is here for a visit and to do some photo sessions for her SC clients.  We always love to see our Ohio daughter, and while we’d love to also see our Ohio grandkids, we understand that sometimes that’s just not feasible.  (PK)

Sept. 11 – Hurricane Hermine took out our air conditioning in the Worship Center and The Merge, and caused some damage in the Chapel as well. We’re working diligently to have the repairs made, but it is far more complicated than initially thought, and may take several weeks to resolve.  I ask you to keep a positive spirit and a healthy perspective, remembering that this is a minor discomfort to us when we have brothers and sisters across the globe who are truly paying a heavy price to worship Jesus.  (PK)

Sept. 11 – Today is our daughter Beth’s birthday.  15 years ago, after working all day to plan a community response to the terrorist attacks, I determined that those who would create fear and hatred would never again deprive me of the joy of this day.  I thank God for giving us Beth, for her kind husband Jesús, and for our happy baby, Gabriel.  (PK)

Sept. 11 – Join us next Sunday 5-7 p.m., for the BBBA Annual Meeting, at Denmark FBC.  It’s a time to worship and fellowship with other churches in our Association.  The BBBA Task Force on which I’ve served has proposed an updated constitution.  If approved, the BBBA will have four groups focused on various aspects of church life.  I have agreed to lead the “Church Starting and Strengthening” team and serve on the Missions Team.  (PK)

Sept. 11 – DNOW Weekend is upon us!  On Sunday, Sept. 25, we will worship here at 8:30 a.m., and for our 11 a.m. service, we will join our sister church at Hagood Avenue to worship there.  (PK)

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