My Week in Brief

Sept. 11 – Thank you, Mike Epperson, for the extraordinary job of organizing our recognition First Responders.  I prayed today: “Forgive us, Father, when we fail to recognize First Responders until there is a crisis.”  I’m taking that to heart.  I hope we all will.  (PK)

Sept. 11 – A special thanks to Rick Still, who had the great idea of using the giant fan to try to move colder air out of the Sunday School area and into the Worship Center.  Thanks also to Tom Campbell, Debra Douglas’ father, who went to Tractor Supply between servces and bought a second, quieter fan!  9/15 Update – Tom also paid for some repairs for the Bargain Sale site!  Thanks again!  (PK)

Sept. 12 – Peggy Pritchard seemed a lot stronger to me today.  Her road to recovery may involve rehab, but she has a determined spirit.  By the way, when I walked into her room, her first words to me speak volumes about her character and brought a tear to my eyes: “How is Annie?” (PK)

Sept. 12 – I am attending a Band of Brothers conference at White Oak.  This seminar is always packed with helpful information.  Tonight I took a Leader Behavior Analysis  Assessment, and over the next two days, we’ll use it to reveal strengths and areas for improvement in my managerial skills.  I’m up for the challenge!  (PK)

Sept. 13 – DHEC is preparing a Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), to be held in Allendale, and would like to identify people with prediabetes to help them with healthy lifestyle changes to reduce their risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes. If you’re interested in the free program, please let me know and I’ll help arrange that.  (PK)

Sept. 14 – The Band of Brothers Conference at White Oak has been nothing short of spectacular.  I love the continuing education component, even if it is sometimes like drinking from a fire hose.  The food and fellowship are phenomenal, too.  This is a great movement within the SCBC!  (PK)

Sept. 14 – At White Oak, I learned of a Men’s Retreat there on Nov. 18-19 called “Service.”  I can’t attend, but guys, don’t let that stop you.  To sign up or for more info, visit  (PK)

Sept. 15 – I want to invite all who have lost a spouse to a special Widows & Widowers Luncheon at Mr. B’s on Thursday, Sept. 29 @ Noon.  We’d like to know how many to expect, so please let us know by placing a “W” by your name on the attendance register.  (PK)

Sept. 16 – I continue to be amazed at the online response to our “Blessings Box.”  As of this writing, our post has seen by 117,941 people, has been shared 1.080 times, has had 7,392 comments and reactions, and has drawn the following responses: 4,862 “Like”s, 792 “Love”s, 20 “Wow!”s, 6 “Haha”s, 2 “Sad”s (?), and 1 “Angry” (??).  (PK)

Sept. 18 – Remember, next week is D-NOW weekend.  Sunday, we will worship here at 8:30 a.m.  At 11:00 a.m., we will join our brothers and sisters at Hagood Ave. Baptist Church for a special time of worship.  If there’s ever a time to worship twice on Sunday, this is it!  What a geat way to show your support and love for our teens.  (PK)

Sept. 11 – Tonight, 5-7 p.m., at Denmark FBC is the BBBA Annual Meeting, a time to worship and fellowship with other Association churches.  We’ll vote on a revised constitution prepared by the Task Force Herman Keisler and I have served on for four years.  I hope you’ll come, enjoy worshiping with others, and support the effort.  (PK)

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