My Week in Brief

Sept. 18 – I’m grateful we have The Merge and our air conditioning there works!  What a wonderful facility God has given us.  I tend to focus on the challenge of eliminating our debt, but we should all be thankful for the ministry that occurs due to those investments.  (PK)

Sept. 18 – Tonight was the BBBA Annual Meeting.  We approved a revised constitution prepared by the Task Force Herman Keisler and I have served on.  I’m to head the new Church Starting and Strengthening Team.  I’m already busy forming the team and scheduling our initial meetings.  May God be honored through our labors.  (PK)

Sept. 19 – Peggy Prtichard is now at Walton Rehabilition Hospital recovering from her stroke.  She continues to make slow but steady progress.  She’s working hard to bounce back.  Let’s do our part, too. Continue praying for her full recovery and for her family.  And consider sending her some encouragement:

Walton Rehabilitation Hospital

1355 Independence Drive

Augusta, GA  30901

Sept. 19 – DHEC is preparing a Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), to be held in Allendale, and would like to identify people with prediabetes to help them with healthy lifestyle changes to reduce their risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes. If you’re interested in the free program, please let me know and I’ll help arrange that.  (PK)

Sept. 19 – At White Oak, I learned of a Men’s Retreat there on Nov. 18-19 called “Service.”  I can’t attend, but guys, don’t let that stop you.  To sign up or for more info, visit  (PK)

Sept. 20 – Since I am not preaching this weekend, I’m trying to fill my days with visits.  Today I spent time with Bob Henderson.  He’s simply fascinating.  Despite the fact he didn’t feel well, we shared stories of his far-flung adventures.  I think we share what he called “wanderlust.” Framp & Macey Beasley are a delight.  I always look forward to his stories and to her pleasant, loving demeanor.  Then I had lunch with Dave Sexton.  He teased that he thought I was either going to fuss at him or ask him to do something.  Actually, I just wanted to thank him.  He does so much for us, most of it behind the scenes.  God bless him for his kindness.  (PK)


Sept. 21 – Today I visited with our oldest member and our newest arrival.  Yarby Eaves is still spry.  Oh, she’s slowed down and can be forgetful, but for 103 years old, I think she’s amazing.  Think of it.  Woodrow Wilson was president when she was born in 1913 – she’s lived through 17 different administrations!  She mentioned that she sure would like a few more visitors.  Then I visited Lenox Grubbs.  He is sweet and beautiful, of course.  Congratulations to parents Josh and Bekah, to grandparents Winky and Lynn, Libbie and Todd, and to the whole family!   (PK)

Sept. 21 – FLIGHT1939 is so cool!  Tonight Beth Harbuck brought our devotion, we prayed for deep needs in the group, had great fellowship over good food.  The format is basic by design, meant to bless rather than to add one more thing to an already hectic life.  (PK)

Sept. 22 – Today I had the pleasure of attending IMPACT, hosted by the SCBC, in Columbia. It was a fantastic day of learning and connecting with state church leaders.  I look forward to being able to implement some of the awesome ideas that were shared today! (Dana)  I was there, too.  I learned a lot, brought back some ideas, plus got to reconnect with Ryan and Emily Holtzclaw.  (PK)

Sept. 25 – I want to invite all who have lost a spouse to a special Widows & Widowers Luncheon at Mr. B’s on Thursday, Sept. 29 @ Noon.  We’d like to know how many to expect, so please let us know by placing a “W” by your name on the attendance register.  (PK)

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