My Week in Brief

Sept. 25 – What a great D-NOW weekend!  Students learned something I think is important for us all —to reduce the noise in our lives, be still, and know the Lord is God.  When is the last time you hit “Pause”?  I enjoyed meeting Dr. Shepson.  We have a lot in common (as you probably guessed from our similar appearance! J).  Many thanks to Pastor Dan and Kris for the ton of work and even more love for our students.  And thanks to the many hosts, food providers, and other volunteers who invested so much.  The dividends will be huge!!  (PK)

Sept. 26 – Peggy Prtichard is at Walton Rehab Hospital recovering from a stroke. She’s working hard to bounce back.  Let’s do our part. Pray for her and for her family, and consider sending her some encouragement:

Walton Rehabilitation Hospital

1355 Independence Drive

Augusta, GA  30901

Sept. 26 – DHEC is preparing a Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP), to be held in Allendale, and would like to identify people with prediabetes to help them with healthy lifestyle changes to reduce their risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes. If you’re interested in the free program, please let me know and I’ll help arrange that.  (PK)

Sept. 26 – At White Oak, I learned of a Men’s Retreat there on Nov. 18-19 called “Service.”  I can’t attend, but guys, don’t let that stop you.  To sign up or for more info, visit  (PK)

Sept. 27 – You gave $920 for the Janie Chapman Offering to support SC missions like partnerships with public schools, Christmas packets for inmates in SC prisons, Baptist Collegiate Ministry on 28 SC campuses, SC disaster relief, Camp McCall for boys and Camp LaVida for girls.  Thank you yet again for your generosity.  (PK)

Sept. 27 – I attended the funeral for Blake Austin’s sister, Ashley Witherspoon, today. We really don’t understand God’s ways, do we?  Why does He take some so young?  Even when we cannot understand, we can see through the eyes of faith.  God does all things well.  His peace to Ashley’s family.  (PK)

Sept. 27 – I took off a few hours to spend with daughter Beth and grandson Gabriel.  They cam up because Debi is headed to PA for Clarion’s Autumn Leaf Festival.  I suspect she’ll spend a little time with Annie, too.  I’m jealous.  (PK)

Sept. 28 – I visited with Angelene and Lloyd Little today.  He was having a hard day medically, so I was glad to find Jennifer King there ministering to him.  I learned more about Angelene, too.  She had four boys when her first husband died in 1966.  How hard it must have been to raise them in those circumstances.  But it shaped her into such a sweet soul.  God bless her as she cares for Mr. Lloyd even while struggling with macular degeneration.  (PK)

Sept. 28 – I spent a sweet hour with Ann Jones today.  I learned we don’t have exactly the same taste in Christian music (she loves the Gaithers while I’m more partial to John Michael Talbot), but we are both big fans of Andrea Bocelli.  Ann turns 92 this Wednesday.  Why not call or send a card?  (PK)

Sept. 28 – I gather with a group of men on the first and third Friday mornings of each month for encouragement and accountability.  Guys, you need this in your life.  If you want to meet with our group, come Fri. Oct. 7 at 8 a.m. in the Activity Center.  If you can’t make it Fridays, call me and let’s figure out a group that will work for you.  (PK)


Sept. 29 – Our “Widows and Widowers” luncheon turned out to be “Merry Widows” only.  I teased that I thought the men must think I was trying to play matchmaker.  But all who came enjoyed a wonderful lunch and fantastic fellowship with one another.  I do dearly love these ladies. (PK)

Sept. 29 – Believe it or not, it’s time to think about Christmas.  Want to give globally?  Operation Christmas Child delivers shoeboxes filled with gifts to kids all over the world.  Boxes are now available.  Want to give closer to home?  The SCBC collects Christmas packages for 25,000+ prisoners here in SC.  A list of approved items and the correct procedure is available though the church office.  (PK)

Oct. 2 – Guys, why not put Tuesday 8 a.m. on your calendar for our monthly Men’s Breakfast.  We always have a great time!  And you don’t want to miss the C.A.M.O. (Calling All Men Out) Wild Game Dinner at the Schrock Farm on Oct. 30!  (PK)

Oct. 2 – Next Sunday, we will receive a special offering to help relieve world hunger.  There are many good agencies which help with this problem.  We partner with ministries where we’re already connected, in India and Uganda, because we know 100% of our offerings go to provide food for the hungry.  (PK)

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